Fine art nature photography and wall art photography: The series "digital watercolors" in color by Thomas Finkler.

Summer rain, heavy rain shower, thunderstorm, snowfall, storm and any kind of bad weather: Perfect conditions for this stunning fine art nature photography and wall art photography series. While watching the interplay of colors, lighting and shades through the seasons Thomas Finkler creates magnificent minimal fine art photography with trees in multiple views and variations such as blurry and abstract. 


Flowing forms and the merging of colors define the series “digital watercolors”, always captured through a window pane with raindrops and/or snowflakes on the glass. The palette of colors is mostly arranged in calming shades of green and blue to increase the impression of water and blurred raindrops. By making use of techniques like intentional camera movement or shallow depth of field Thomas Finkler adds a poetic and inspiring note to the series.


Misty and rainy days and even snowfall in the frosty winter season captured in the characteristic countryside – plain fields alternating with hilly landscapes – close to his hometown nuremberg. Franconian rural landscapes, seen and interpreted by award winning fine art photograhper Thomas Finkler, germany, bavaria.


The color fine art nature photography and wall art photography images are available as framed limited edition prints or as fine art photography prints. Magnificent wall art for your home, living room and office.

The pictures from the series "digital watercolors" in color are exclusively printed on "hahnemuhle bamboo" (Hahnemühle Bamboo). One of the excellent artist papers from the same name german paper manufactory hahnemuhle that meet the highest quality standards. Below some examples of framed photo prints with frame sizes 80 x 60 cm and 110 x 80 cm as well as the available triptychs. "3 single images" can also be combined together to form a "triptych". Buy color fine art nature photography. More details about limited edition fine art photography prints, price lists and special pricing for "triptychs" or "3 single images" see section "fine art prints | framed artwork".

Fine art nature photography, wall art, trees, minimal landscape, blurry, abstract, magnificent, blue, green, rain, weather, limited edition
Title: "summer rain 06"; framed limited edition print with frame size 80x60 cm.

Rainy day in the summer season, row of blurry trees in green valley with rolling wooded hills. Minimal landscape in a magnificent small riverside located between nuremberg (nürnberg) and "regensburg" in germany, bavaria (see image above). Splendid weather conditions for the series "digital watercolors".

Fine art color photography, fine art photography prints, wall art, photo art, nature, trees, blurry, abstract, green, rainy, weather
Title: "beautiful rainy day 02"; natural wood frame with shadow gap, frame size 80 x 60 cm.
Fine art nature photography, wall art, trees, minimal landscape, blurred rain drops, abstract, blue, green, rain, weather, limited edition
Titles: "beautiful rainy day 04", "those rainy days 01" and "summer rain 07"; framed limited edition prints.

Blurred rain drops with amazing green and blue colors in the springtime and summer seasons. Minimal abstract nature and countryside impressions around the artist's favorite theme: fine art photography with trees (see 3 images above).

Thomas Finkler Photography, fine art nature photography, trees in minimal landscape, rain, blurry, abstract, poetic, color, triptych
Triptych "november rain 01, 02, 03"
Fine art nature photography, wall art, trees in minimal landscape, snow, ice blue, blurry, abstract, minimalist, triptych, 3 piece wall art
Triptych "poetic trees 02, 03, 04"

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