Fine art photography in black & white and color with a personal vision – award winning photography by photo artist Thomas Finkler.

Fine art photography and graphic design – short resume at a glance.

  • Born 1965 in nürnberg (nuremberg), germany.
  • Thomas Finkler is currently based in stein near nürnberg (nuremberg).
  • Graphic design studies at the university of applied sciences in nürnberg (nuremberg, 1988-1993).
  • Since then passion for fine art black & white photography, fine art nature and landscape photography and minimal fine art photography.
  • Following his studies Thomas Finkler worked as a professional graphic designer and digital imaging expert, specialized in post-processing with adobe photoshop and later on also adobe photoshop lightroom (1993-2013).
  • Since 2014 freelance photo artist and professional fine art photographer in the photo categories cloudscape and trees, nature, landscape, abstract forest, blurry trees, abstract nature and composite.
Thomas Finkler photography, fine art color photography, fine art black and white photography

Artist statement and personal vision in art photography and photographic art.


Fine art photography in black & white and color with a vision. Award winning photo artist Thomas Finkler is mostly inspired by the nature and countryside near his hometown. Short distances to the favorite hot spots make it possible to watch the interplay of light, shades and color through the seasons.


Twenty years of professional experience as a graphic designer had a big influence on his photographic view. His style can be characterized as a search for mood and minimalism, with a keen eye for light, forms and details. By making use of techniques like intentional camera movement or shallow depth of field, Thomas Finkler adds a abstract, poetic and sometimes also melancholic note to his works. As a wanderer between the photographic worlds he always considers his possible motives under both aspects – black & white and color. This is also an important part of his vision and inspiration during the many years of experience in post-processing – the fascination how color and monochrome compositions differ in their visual and emotional imagery. 


The artist considers digital post-processing techniques, known as fine art composite photography, just as important as the shooting in itself. With this unique combination – professional photo artist with decade-long experience as graphic designer – Thomas Finkler creates and "designs" his own personal vision in fine art photography. Since 2018 he is also inspired by multiple exposure photography techniques, combining abstract surfaces and patterns with photographic art of nature and landscape. Many art photography images and all series are created both in color and monochrome.


The awarded fine art photography series "dramatic skies" (monochrome and color), "blurry trees" (monochrome) and "seasons in the woods" (color) are very much dedicated to his first life as a graphic designer – always trying to find the balance between order and chaos.

Fine art photography, black and white, vision, composite, post-processing, award winning, awarded, landscape, nature, trees, cloudscape
Series “dramatic skies”, fine art composite black and white photography with a vision.
Landscape photography, nature photography, fine art, vision, composite, post-processing, award winning, color, trees, cloudscape
Series “dramatic skies”, fine art composite photography in color with a vision.
Black and white photography, fine art, landscape, nature, trees, vision, minimal, minimalist, winter, snow, silence, beautiful, scenery
Series “trees and landscape”, minimal nature and minimal landscape photography in black and white.
Fine art photography, black and white, vision, composite, post-processing, award winning, awarded, abstract nature, abstract trees
Series “blurry trees”, fine art abstract nature photography in black & white, compositing picture created with the artist´s personal vision.

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