Fine art landscape photography and wall art photography: The series "franconian tranquility" in color by Thomas Finkler.

Poetic-melancholy fine art landscape photography and wall art photography in color – always with a touch of vintage style in remembrance of the analogue photography times during his studies. Thomas Finkler loved to work with the kodak t-max p3200, a high-iso black and white negative film with a fascinating grain, perfect for fine art experiences. The series “franconian tranquility" is the most personal minimal nature photo series by Thomas Finkler – added with muted colors for a touch of vintage.


Many images were shot "just around the corner" in the nearby countryside of nuremberg – the artist's hometown in germany, bavaria, franconia – by visiting the favorite hot spots again and again through the years and seasons. Please note: the artworks are sorted by seasons from spring to winter. 


The calming fine art landscape photography and wall art photography images are available as framed limited edition prints or as limited edition fine art prints. Vintage color wall art for your home, living room, bedroom or office.

The photos from the series “franconian tranquility" in color are exclusively printed on "hahnemuhle bamboo" (Hahnemühle Bamboo). One of the fascinating artist papers from the same name german paper manufactory hahnemuhle that meet the highest quality standards of museums and galleries. Below some examples of framed photographic prints with frame size 80 x 60 cm. Please note: the series "franconian tranquility" differs in limited editions, available sizes and pricing; see fine art prints | framed-artwork.

Fine art landscape photography, minimal nature, wall art, row of trees, misty, poetic, muted colors, vintage, minimalist, limited edition
"Row of trees 01" (80x60 cm)
Fine art landscape photography, minimal nature, wall art, seasons, trees, poetic, calming, muted colors, vintage, limited edition
"April weather 02" (80x60 cm), "after the thunderstorm 02" (80x60 cm), "summer has gone 04" (80x60 cm) and "rain and snow 01" (80x60 cm)

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