"Trees and landscape" – the interplay of light and shade through the seasons. Please note: the artworks are sorted by seasons from spring to winter.

Examples with frame sizes 50x35 cm, 80x60 cm and 110x80 cm.

Thomas Finkler Photography, fine art black and white photography, single tree, minimal fine art photography, monochrome, winter, snow, poetic
"Waiting for spring 01, b&w" (50x35 cm)
Thomas Finkler Photography, fine art nature black and white photography, trees, monochrome, misty, poetic
"Silence 05, b&w" (80x60 cm), "alley trees in the mist 01, b&w" (80x60 cm) and "frosty, misty, spooky, b&w" (110x80 cm)

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