Fine art nature and flower photography and wall art photography: The series "studio nature" in color by Thomas Finkler.

"Studio nature" – fine art nature and flower photography and wall art photography. The only series without trees – as the exception proves the rule. It is all about the small things below or nearby trees: Colorful blossoms, flowers, leaves, textures, patterns in the fields and meadows – captured with shallow depth of field – turn into abstract color surfaces with this photographic technique. Backlight makes fine structures and outlines gleam. Just before sunset the soft evening light conjures a fascinating and vibrant color palette on this miniature wonderland.


One of the abstract poppy blossom photos was awarded first and second place in the categories "nature/flowers" and "fine art/abstract" at the "international photography awards (ipa) 2016".


The fine art nature and flower photography and wall art photography images are available as framed limited edition prints or as fine art photography prints. Colorful wall art for your home, living room and office.

Panoramic view, image "marguerite blossoms 01".

Fine art nature and flower photography, panoramic view, marguerite blossoms, abstract, color, poetic, magnificent, inspiring

The images from the color series "studio nature" are exclusively printed on "hahnemuhle bamboo" (Hahnemühle Bamboo) or "hahnemuhle fine art baryta" (Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta) – depending on what suits best for the motif. 2 highest quality artist papers from the prestigious german paper manufactory hahnemuhle. Below some examples of framed limited edition prints with frame sizes 50 x 35 cm, 80 x 60 cm and 110 x 80 cm. Fine art nature and flower photography for sale. More details about prints and price lists see section "fine art prints | framed artwork".

Fine art nature and flower photography, wall art, minimal, minimalist, colorful, poetic, abstract, magnificent, calming, limited edition
"Summer has gone 01" (50x35 cm)
Fine art flower photography, fine art photography prints, wall art, photography art, poppy, summertime, season, colorful, poetic, beautiful
Title: "Poppy blossoms 03"; natural wood frame with shadow gap, frame size 50 x 35 cm
Fine art nature and flower photography, wall art, macro, seasons, colorful, poetic, abstract, magnificent, stunning, limited edition
"Poppy blossoms 01" (80x60 cm), "orange glow with a touch of blue" (110x80 cm) and "a touch of winter 01" (80x60 cm)

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