Capture mania, pakistan, "capture mania photography magazine, june/july 2017, issue 06"

Thank you so much »capture mania« and Yasir Mehmood for the honor to comment some images as guest editor. Also a selection of artworks from the series "dramatic skies" has been published again in this amazing magazine.

Capture mania, cover

Capture mania, page 05

Capture mania, page 07

Capture mania, page 10

Camerapixo, usa, "hot shots 20 – we inspire", 5.2017

Pages 168/169 "hot shots 20",
"Frosty, misty, spooky" and "springtime in the fields 03" from the series "trees and landscape".

BLACK magazin, germany, "issue 07, may/june 2017"

BLACK magazin, pages 180/181: "frosty, misty, spooky", series "trees and landscape".

BLACK magazin, pages 182/183: "silence 05", series "trees and landscape".

Cover BLACK magazin

Camerapixo, usa, "hot shots 17 – we inspire", february 2017

Cover "hot shots 17"

Page 126 "hot shots 17",
"a touch of blue" from the series "dramatic skies".

BLACK magazin, germany, january 2017, "the international black awards 2016"

Image "light and shadow" from the series "blurry trees": 2nd place in the category "top photographer 2016".

Camerapixo, usa, "hot shots 14 – we inspire", 10.2016

Pages 148/149 "hot shots 14",
"Perfect day" and "the beast" from the series "dramatic skies color" and "dramatic skies monochrome".

BLACK magazin, germany, "issue 03, september/october 2016"

BLACK magazin, pages 96/97: "light and shadow", series "blurry trees", "nominee top photographer award october 2016"


BLACK magazin, pages 104/105: "perfect day", series "dramatic skies"

Cover BLACK magazin

BLACK magazin, germany, "issue 02, july/august 2016"

BLACK magazin, pages 66/67: "bad hair day", series "dramatic skies"


BLACK magazin, pages 68/69: "after the thunderstorm" , series "franconian tranquility"

Cover BLACK magazin

Camerapixo, usa, "hot shots 09 – moment captured", 06.2016

Cover "hot shots 09"

Page 87 "hot shots 09",
"springtime light show 01" from the series trees and landscape.

Page 103 "hot shots 09",
"orange glow 03" from the series dramatic skies.

BLACK magazin, germany, "issue 01, may/june 2016"


BLACK magazin, contents

BLACK magazin, pages 14/15

BLACK magazin, pages 16/17

BLACK magazin, pages 18/19

BLACK magazin, pages 20/21

Capture mania, pakistan, "capture mania photography magazine april 2016 issue 02"


Capture mania, contents

Capture mania, page 70

Capture mania, page 71

Capture mania, page 72

Camerapixo, usa, "hot shots 06", 10.2015

Cover "hot shots 06"

Page 104 "hot shots 06",
"up in the air" from the series dramatic skies

"Best inspiring photography award" (see also section awards)

Camerapixo, usa, "visual connection", 08.2015

Cover "visual connection"

Page 44 "visual connection" – best inspiring photography award,

"blue sky" from the series dramatic skies

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